Roulette: Here Is The Story Of One Of The Most Iconic Games

It is the symbol of the live casino , with its wheel, divided into red and black numbered sectors, the silent rotating movement, impressed by the expert hand of the dealer. And then the crackle of the ivory ball that turns in the opposite direction to the disc, approaching the numbers, bouncing, as if mad.

Finally, the ball lands on a number. More precisely, on one of the sectors numbered from 0 to 36. The croupier pays the bets: “en plein”, “horse”, “red”, “black” and many others. The roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. When, where was it born and how did it evolve?

The Origins: China And Ancient Rome

The passion for the game has very ancient origins. Reliable testimonies document the existence of a gambling game quite similar to roulette, already in imperial China. It consisted of a stone circle that was turned, but instead of the numbers there were images of animals.

Also in the Rome of the Caesars a game consisting of a (wooden) wheel that was turned around was in vogue. Gambling was especially popular among the troops, to keep morale high during the very long campaigns of expansion of the Empire. Other legends speak of a monk who, returning from the Far East, brought this game to Europe.

Birth Of Modern Roulette

But rather reliable historical accounts point to Blaise Pascal as the “father” of modern roulette. In reality, perhaps it was an invention created to simulate perpetual motion, but, for the amusement of many gaming enthusiasts, it had a completely different luck! Within about a century, it became the most popular game in online casinos .

Over the years, the structure of roulette was changed. To increase the house’s chances of winning, zero was introduced. In the American version, where the game was immediately popular, a further zero was introduced. A curiosity? The sum of the numbers (1 to 36) equals 666: a rather unique coincidence!

Online Casino: Roulette Is Live Streaming

Engaging and exciting as never before, roulette has also landed on the platforms of the highly advanced live casinos. Users can connect to a game room recreated in the smallest details and participate in exciting gaming sessions under the guidance of expert dealers.

In this way, all the charm of a land-based casino is recreated, without having to leave the comfort of your home. Not only that, the HD cameras and careful direction allow you to follow all the phases of the game. In addition, the user can take advantage of chat support and constantly updated game statistics.

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