The Best Promotions In Online Casinos

Not all promotions are created equal in the diverse universe of online casinos . When you decide to sign up for one of these exciting virtual spaces, you need to take some time to review all the bonuses that may be offered, because each of their types is designed for players with different profiles.

In the guide you will find the best offers from the point of view of the new subscriber: those selected below do not include the common welcome bonus , a classic common to all gaming portals for money, which varies in amount depending on the casino brand . Important to remember: whatever the promotion, always read the terms of use!

The Other Welcome Offers: No Deposit, Bonus Match 

The welcome offers are different depending on the policy of the chosen online casino. One of the best is the no deposit welcome bonus, which differs from the normal type as it gives away money or free spins to use (generally) on a limited number of slots or games.

The bonus match is also very fashionable. It is also offered to players who have already been registered for some time: it is a sum given to members in exchange for a deposit, and varies according to the game portal. Similar in the mechanism is the “reload”: reloading the game account allows you to receive more extra money to bet.

Cashback And Free Spins: Different Encouragement

The world of online casino bonuses is also made up of forms of “encouragement”, such as the famous free spins. New players are therefore given “turns” to some slots or other games to allow them to learn how to use them properly.

The ” cashback ” bonus, on the other hand, is a consolation prize for those who have had no luck in the game: a variable percentage of the money lost (but always in the order of 10-15%) is awarded by the casino as long as you continue to play the title which unlocks this functionality. Offers of this type are not yet so widespread in our country.

Reward Yourself For Their Loyalty

Access to tournaments, periodic offers and bonuses for VIPs (these are high bettors and not literally celebrities) are the promotions usually dedicated to those who have already registered for a long time in the same casino, but also a new user can access them if they demonstrate to have what it takes to be a champion!

The format of the tournaments, for example, is proving to be very popular, as well as the “loyalty rewards”, by those who always bet high stakes or who, for example, have logged into the casino portal for several days in a row. And don’t forget the exclusive offers: they are sent privately to certain super-users as a sign of appreciation.

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