What Is A Live Casino And How It Works

Live casinos are the latest and most engaging frontier of online gambling. The online casinos available on the web have made great strides in terms of offer and entertainment.

Just think, for example, of the almost infinite availability of games, suitable for bettors of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

In recent years, apps have also made their way to bring the game to mobile devices: a further trend that has revived the sector and multiplied the opportunities for fun. But what is a live casino and why has it won over so many players? Because it’s like sitting at a real casino table, but without leaving home!

A Real Game Room, But Online

A live casino is a real game room, or recreated in a studio in all the smallest details, which includes the game table and a professional dealer. The room is equipped with many HD cameras that film, through a precise direction, all the phases of the game.

When a player connects to one of these rooms and starts placing his bets on Roulette or Blackjack , he will be able to follow the croupier’s instructions and interact with him and the other players (via chat) just like in a land-based casino. This realism makes the gaming experience very immersive.

Realistic Play, Strong Emotions

The odds of winning at an algorithm-regulated online casino are identical to those of betting at a live casino table. But those who love to frequent traditional casinos will find themselves perfectly at ease and will be able to rediscover the sensations one feels at a real table.

The croupier’s instructions, the expert handling of the cards, the sound of the ball being thrown onto the disc of a real roulette wheel: the feeling of being inside a casino is successfully recreated! In recent times, then, the available offer has expanded, including, in addition to the classic Poker and roulette, also all the other games for money.

Interface And Technical Support

Live casinos, as mentioned, offer the possibility of interacting in real time and via chat with both the room and the technical support. Superimposed, on the screen, the bettor will be able to consult the statistics of the matches and thus decide his next moves or refine his strategies.

This game mode is available for both classic desktop versions and mobile apps. The user interface is meticulously optimized by the software developers, so that all functions are accessible and easily managed from screens of different sizes, such as the various models of smartphones or tablets.

Whether You Win Or Not – The Chip In The Computer Decides

There were stories in the press about how someone hacked slot chips using special emitters. Say, they gave out some waves that confused the chip and made them pay the winnings at a predictable moment. Even if this is true, in Russia it is a crime – if caught, they can be imprisoned.

Regardless of the company and origin, all machines must be certified for playing in Russia and have customizable game parameters available only to casinos.

Slot machines are also divided by body type and differ in fit: upright and slant-top. On upright machines, the monitor is installed almost vertically, at eye level; on slant-top – significantly inclined. The gameplay of the slot machines is the same. The decisive factor when choosing a slot machine for a player will be the game he plans to play. The casino where I worked preferred upright. They had the most popular games, as well as mechanical rather than electronic buttons. It’s more pleasant to press them.

For the player, slot machines differ in the quality of graphics, sound, body design and buttons. Inside all machines are soulless semiconductors and many layers of protection. There are no “more successful” and “less successful” slot machine games.

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